the future of
Baton Rouge.

Carved from oak. Etched in stone.

The historic, oak-lined streets of Mid City are a microcosm that reflects the beauty found throughout our great city. From the bustling, modern businesses of Florida Boulevard to the charming boutiques of Government Street, Mid City hosts a full representation of the big and small of the Baton Rouge economy. The most diverse self-identified region of Baton Rouge, our community is a blend of racial, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds, and our unique culture stems from this diversity. This celebrated district is the heart of our city, and it’s our mission to see it thrive.

Why We Exist

Mid City Merchants was created to bolster local business and stimulate growth in Mid City, Baton Rouge’s historic and cultural hub. Each year we host two of Baton Rouge’s largest art hops, promoting both local art and the local businesses that open their doors to makers and musicians alike. We also bring businesses, organizations, and artists together to address shared challenges and create a renewed sense of community and cooperation.

Board of Directors
Justin Lemoine

ELS Landscape Architecture Studio

President & Community Affairs Committee

Lindsey Shelton

Baton Rouge General

Treasurer, Executive Committee

Tasha Daigle

Hair Art & Company

Chair of Art Hop Committee, Executive Committee

Dustin Bonanno

Tipton Architecture

Membership Committee

Garrett J. Kemp

The Market at Circa 1857

Secretary, Executive Committee

Jeremy Beyt


Chair of Public Relations Committee

Marlee Pittman

Mid City Redevelopment Alliance

Danielle Landry


James Hyfield

Redstick Reads Booksellers

Fernie Rivera

Mid City Church

Symphony Malveaux

MCM/MCRA Paid Staff

Shagari Jackson


Driving business amidst a thriving culture.

In the early ‘90s, many of the residents in the semi-urban region between downtown and our new suburbs were being abandoned. Few local shops were able to grow and opening new businesses was difficult.

We worked alongside partners, including Mid City Redevelopment and Baton Rouge General Medical Center, to invest in branding our community as “Mid City” and supporting the residents, artists, and businesses that called it home. We invested in a planning process for Government Street and have hosted large scale events that attracted hundreds then thousands of customers to the area.

Since our founding, we have seen Mid City turn the tide, becoming a flourishing local business corridor.

Become a part of Mid City’s resurgence.

With new burger joints and beer gardens adjacent to historic homes and age-old antique shops, the character of Mid City cannot be found anywhere else. Through membership with MCM, help your business and your community flourish.