White Light Night

Friday, November 19, 2021
6:00pm - 10:00pm

Held each Spring, Hot Art Cool Nights in the Mid City Art & Cultural District is an evening to celebrate local art, food, and music. Meet the artists behind some of the latest trends in the city, enjoy live music while you shop, and eat in the best establishments the area has to offer.

Plan Your Experience

The festival is free and so is transportation. For those who choose to ride over walk, shuttle service will take you up and down the festival route between Jefferson Highway at Goodwood Boulevard and the intersection of Government and 14th streets. Use of rideshare apps such as Uber and Lyft is encouraged the night of the event, as well as riding bikes on Mid City’s newest bike lanes. Check out the map for parking, free shuttles, and a list of all of the participating shops and businesses along the route.


Are you an artist?

White Light Night is an event hosted by over 70 independent businesses each fall. We encourage businesses to open their doors and parking lots to a range of visual and performing artists, including chefs, musicians, performers, dancers, and makers. While we do not place artists at individual businesses for White Light Night, our website serves as a resource for businesses looking for artists to sell products at its location. If you would like to join Mid City Merchants as an artist, you can be added to our public artist registry and host a catalog of your work for everyone to see.

Are you a Mid City business?

Register to participate.

Mid City is made up of hundreds of engaged, dedicated businesses. With the help of our participating businesses, we are able to provide free transportation to festival-goers, cover event fees like permitting and law enforcement, and even pay for significant print and digital advertising.

By making the commitment to be a participating business, you will benefit from our advertisements on iHeartRadio and social media, and in Country Roads, the Advocate.

In order to open your doors during this community event, you must be a member of Mid City Merchants and pay the participation fee below. Not a member yet? Sign up here!

If you would like to receive all of the benefits of participation plus some additional event promotion, you are invited to sponsor the event.

Sponsorship Benefits

Mid City Partners: receive all of the benefits of participation, recognition on the online map, logo on the website under sponsors, and a social media post featuring your business on the Facebook event page and Instagram, which has over five thousand followers.

Mid City Sponsors: receive all of the benefits of the Mid City Partners, and your logo featured prominently on our website. We will also feature your business in several social media posts on our Facebook and Instagram, which has over 5000 followers. This includes a post featuring your business and participation.

The Presenting Sponsor: receives all of the benefits of Mid City Sponsors, and your logo or business name featured prominently in all digital marketing, print advertisements, radio ads, printed materials, and social media posts. We will also highlight your business in several, dedicated social media posts. There can only be ONE Presenting Sponsor each year. Please email us at info@midcitymerchants.org for more information.

Make sure your business is covered.

Event permitting can be tricky. But if you’re new to events, planning to sell alcohol, or just want to make sure you’re covered, we’ve provided a cheat sheet to help you navigate the permitting process in Baton Rouge.

Not a Mid-City Business? Become a community partner!

Considering sponsoring*, but you’re outside of Mid City? In addition to the pride of supporting the largest,  free community event in Mid City, we highlight our sponsors throughout the event. Become a Community Partner of Mid City to support creative placemaking and community development in the heart of the city.

* All Mid City businesses should sign up to sponsor above in the business section.

Thank you to our generous sponsors.

It takes a village. Mid City is lucky to have the best community leaders around. Without the tireless support of our sponsors, Hot Art Cool Nights could not be the incredible moment of art, diversity, culture, beauty, fun, and community spirit that it has become.

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Interested in becoming a Mid City Merchant volunteer?

Mid City Merchants is run entirely by a volunteer board of engaged business owners and concerned citizens. With no paid staff to run and organize an event that draws nearly 5,000 people each year to our community, we are always looking for unique and novel ways to connect volunteers to action.

Have questions?

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